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Calcium Chloride

Name:Calcium Chloride

Place of origin: China

Brand : YUANBO

Certification: SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001

CAS No.: 10043-52-4

Delivery tiem: 10-15 days

Payment terms: T/T or L/C at sight

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Henan Yuanbo Environmental Technology Co., LTD.

Calcium Chloride Dihydrate

Appearance: Flake, pellets, Powder


CaCl2 (CaCl2)% 74%min 74~77%
Alkali chloride,NaCl% 5.0%max 3.60%
MgCl2% 0.5%max 0
Alkalinity,Ca(OH)2% 0.2%max 0.15%
Insoluble% 0.15%max 0.10%
Ph Value 7.5-11.0 9

Calcium Chloride Anhydrous

Appearance: Spiny pellet, powder


CaCl2 (CaCl2)% 95%min  96.13%
Alkali chloride,NaCl% 5.0%max 4.0  
MgCl2% 0 0
Alkalinity,Ca(OH)2% 0.25%max  0.19%
Insoluble% 0.25%max  0.2%
Sulfate,CaSO4% 0.05%max  0.03%
Ph Value 7.5-11.0  9.0
Fe% 0.006%max  0.002%


Calcium Chloride Appications: 

1. It is used to prevent ice formation and therefore used in de-icing.

2. Used in the production of activated charcoal.

3. Used as a sterilant for male animals.

4. It is used in heating pads and self-heating cans.

5. It is used to correct the mineral deficiencies in brewing beer

6. Calcium chloride is used as an electrolyte in sports drinks

7. In laboratories, the drying tubes are usually packed with calcium chloride.

8. concrete mixing

9. Medicine:function as a buffering agent

10. Oil industry: drilling fluid additives


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