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Scaling Inhibitor for RO System YB-100

Name: Scaling Inhibitor for RO System YB-100,Scal inhibitor

Color: Colorless to Light Yellow Liquid

Brand : YUANBO

Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)

Certification: SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001

Delivery time: 7~10 days

Payment terms: T/T or L/C at sight

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YB-100 is a broad-spectrum, highly effective reverse osmosis scale inhibitor for all water sources, especially groundwater.

It is especially suitable for scale formation caused by precipitation of metal oxides, silicon, carbonate, sulfate and iron oxide. Its scale inhibition efficiency is high and it does not condense with residual coagulant or aluminum-rich and iron-rich silicon compounds to form insoluble polymer.

Scale formation is prevented in reverse osmosis (RO) nanofiltration (NF) or ultrafiltration (UF) systems without ion exchange pretreatment to improve water yield and quality.


Product features

(1) Can be used in different water quality, and has the ability to restrain scale effectively;

(2) Reduce scaling and the cleaning frequency of the membrane tube;

(3) Can reduce or replace acid injection treatment of membrane tube system;

(4) because of the low injection dose, a better economic effect can be obtained;

(5) applicable to all kinds of membrane tube, effective iron isolator;

(6) direct addition without dilution, or addition after dilution;

(7) the membrane tube system is allowed to work at a high water recovery rate.

(8) it is an excellent scale inhibitor for different types and degrees of scale forming substances







Colorless to Light Yellow Liquid

pH1% solution




Main ingredients

Phosphorous small molecule organic matter


Main ingredients

Phosphorous small molecule organic matter

How to use

(1) the chemicals are added before the security filter;

(2) calibrate the actual output of the metering pump;

(3) when preparing the liquid medicine, it should be stirred fully for 15-20 minutes;

(4) clean the dosing box regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria.


The dosage shall be calculated according to the water analysis report and the system conditions, generally dosage is 2-5ppm.
Packing, storage and precautions

Packed in plastic drums, 25kg/ drum, 200kg/ drum or customized;

Store in a cool and dry place for 12 months.

Pay attention to labor protection during operation, avoid contact with skin and eyes, and rinse with plenty of water after contact.

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